AA. Mr. Anker’s Test

Unit 1-Place Value Activities and Videos

A. 4.NBT.1 #1 -Use place value chart and arrow cards to understand large numbers Video  –  Slides
  1. Lesson
  2. Math Song (place value to the millions)
  3. Place Value Lesson,
  4. Place Value Practice
  5. Place Value Story

B. 4.NBT.1 #2 – Model numbers using base ten blocks VideoSlides

  1. Fruit Shoot
  2. Ways to Say a Number
  3. Virtual Base ten Blocks

C. 4.NBT.1 #3 –Understand  Relationships Between digits and their place value Video  D. 4.NBT.2  #4 Read and Write Numbers in Numeric Form Video – Slides E. 4.NBT.2 #5  Read and Write Numbers with Number Names VideoSlide

  1. Can you Say Really Big Numbers? (Enter a number in the box. Both say and write the number. Then click enter to check your work)
  2. Fruit Shoot (to 1000)

F. 4.NBT.2  #2 -Read and Write Numbers in Expanded Form Video – Slides

  1. Math Man expanded form
  2. Expanded Form Lesson Video

G. 4.NBT.2 #3 – Read and Write Numbers With Zeros VideoSlides

  1. Can you Say Really Big Numbers? (Enter a number, in the millions, with a zero in the box. Both say and write the number. Then click enter to check your work.

H. 4.NBT.2  #4 – Comparing Numbers Using the Symbols <, >, and = Video

  1. Comparing Digits Video
  2.  Ordering Numbers Game (Levels 3 and 4)

I. 4.NBT.3 #1 Rounding Numbers to the Nearest Leading Digit 

  1. Locate Benchmarks on a Number Line Video
  2. Math Man (round 100s),
  3. Math Man (round 1,000s)
  4. Math Man (round 1,000,000s)
  5. Rounding Drills
  6. Rounding Mountain Lesson Video

J. 4.NBT.3 #2 Round Numbers to a Specific Place on the Number Line

  1. Rounding Master
  2. Rounding Nines Within a Number Video

K. 4.NBT.3 #3 Rounding in Real-Life Situations

  1. Rounding Master
  2. Math Man (round 100s)
  3. Math Man (round 1,000s)
  4. Math Man (round 1,000,000s)
  5. Rounding Drills

L. 4.NBT.4 #1 – Estimate Sums and Differences 2013 Smart Notebook

  1. Glowla’s Estimation Contraption

M. 4.NBT.4 #2 Add and Subtract to 4-Digit Numbers Smart Notebook

  1. Soccer Math
  2. Math Baseball (Hard Ball)
  3. Captain Subtraction
  4. Video Adding with Carrying (8min)
  5. Video Subtracting with Borrowing (5min)

N. 4.NBT.4 #3 Subtracting Across Zeros Smart Notebook

  1. Squaring Off Method Video